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Our mission is to help Christians analyze what their churches teach on simple moral issues like abortion, same-sex marriage and others. Before we get carried away with questions of a deep theological nature, we have to determine whether or not these churches teach accurately on simple moral issues. If it is determined that they are not able to teach accurately on simple issues, ones that can be explained naturally, then we have to wonder whether they can be trusted to teach accurately on more complex issues, ones that can only be explained supernaturally.

For instance, if a church teaches that abortion is wrong but in the case of rape or incest it should be allowed, a person should be cautious following this church. A church that teaches this is obviously not a bible based church for the bible tells us that life begins at conception and that we are not to take this life. If a church gets such a simple issue wrong it is unlikely that it could get more complicated issues correct.

Are you going to trust your salvation to the teachings of a church that suggests that every once in a while it is morally acceptable to kill an unborn baby?

Questions to ask


Questions to Ask

1. Do you believe that the Bible is the Inspired Word of God? Why?

2. Does your church teach that repentance is necessary for salvation?

3. Do you believe that the church that is most fully responding the guidance of the Holy Spirit would take seriously its obligation to call its members to repent from all sin?

4. What does your church teach on serious moral issues?





The inspiration for this site came while I was reading George Weigel's book, Letters to a Young Catholic. In it he talks about people being seized by the truth of the Catholic Church.

For some great apologetics resources check out Patrick Madrid's website,  







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This site is dedicated to all of those who despite the loss of friends and family have embraced Catholicism. These are people who recognized truth when it was put before them and didn't turn away from it to return to the comfort of their previous church or faith.

Please pray for these brave and courageous souls who did not turn and run away, but instead when they were "Seized by Truth" ran with open arms towards the Church that their Lord and Saviour established 2000 years ago.